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New: AQ09

Differential charge amplifier AQ09 is designed to convert high-impedance signal from a piezoelectric transducer (vibration transducer, force sensor, etc.) to a low-impedance voltage signal.

New: AP1015

The miniature vibration transducer AP1015 is designed to measure vibration and shock acceleration of miniature objects in portable diagnostic systems and laboratory tests.


The article «Basic vibrometer AP5500 with signal display and recording function» is published in the journal “Components & Technologies”, v.1, 2019 (January), p.p. 134-135 (in Russian)

New: Acting vibration recording unit BRHV

The acting vibration recording unit BRHV is designed to measure the voltage amplitude when recording shock and vibration over 12 channels simultaneously.


The article “The simple vibrometer AP5500 with an option to display and record signals” is published in the journal “Tochka Opori”


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